Meet Dr. McNally

Wetumpka, AL Chiropractor

Dr. Elaine McNally, DC

Dr. Elaine McNally, DC in Wetumpka, AL specializes in quality chiropractic service for women, men, and children. We offer spinal trauma treatment, neck pain treatment, and lower back pain treatment. We accept most insurances. We even have a cash program for those without insurances. We handle car accident injuries, military disability cases, disability determination cases, and weekend warrior cases. Among the services we provide are interferential electric stem, segmental traction, disc decompression therapy, laser treatments, ultrasound. photobiomodulation therapy, othodics, lumbar support, braces for knees, back, neck, and wrists.

Chiropractic Service - Wetumpka, AL - Dr. Elaine McNally, DC

Learn More About Dr. Elaine McNally, DC:

  • Spinal trauma treatment
  • Neck pain treatment
  • Lower back pain treatment

Contact Dr. Elaine McNally, DC today at 334-567-4817 for all of your Wetumpka, AL chiropractor needs.


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