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Between the neck and the wrist, there are many possible locations for the “double crush” phenomenon.   What does that mean?

If there is irritation of a nerve root at the opening from the vertebra which is called intervertebral foramina, or if there compression at the triangle formed between the scalene muscles and the first rib,  the nerve itself becomes hampered in its function.   As that nerve passes into the arm, it passes through several muscles before it enters the hand, beneath the transverse carpal ligament.   If the nerve is already hampered, with compression within the arm muscles, or at the wrist, it may cause symptoms.

We call that second insult to the nerve a “double crush” phenomonon.   Remember, this nerve has been exposed to those exact same conditions during your whole life without complaint.   Chiropractors adjusts the neck and removes the irritation at the nerve roots, the secondary, or downstream symptoms simply resolve.   This is true for entrapment syndromes which may have developed associated muscle adhesions or “trigger points” and for the well publicized carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you are suffering from symptoms like these running down your arm to your hand, please call 514-7600 for an appointment.  Many people have benefited from Chiropractic care on this condition.