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There was a study done on people with anxiety or depression and their experience with pain. This new study showed that chronic pain afflicts about half of adults who have anxiety or depression.

The study was done in Brazil where more than 5,000 adults in Brazil were diagnosed with anxiety or mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder were. They were also asked about other health problems.

50% reported chronic pain: 33% reported respiratory diseases; 10% with heart disease; 9% had arthritis; and 7% were diabetic. Pain is depressing, and people who suffer from chronic pain can also develop anxiety over the fact that they worry about their seemingly crumbling world of suffering.

The vicious cycle can decrease if the joint pain factor is decreased or eliminated. Chiropractic care has served for over 100 years in helping people get out of the pain cycle for the neck, back, and joint issues throughout their body. Call today 334-514-7600 for an appointment. The relief is worth it.