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The development of degenerative joint disease is an outcome of global and therefore segmental hypomobility, a reaction to chronic stiffness. Such degenerative joint disease can result in the development of complex combinations of hypo and hypermobility in spinal joints resulting in a positive feed back cycle leading to increasing global stiffness and further degeneration of joint tissues.  This increasing stiffness will predispose joints to injury and disability.

Felton and O’Connell studied back injuries for the county of Los Angeles using law enforcement officers, firefighters, attorneys, investigators, lifeguards, and deputy marshals and came to the conclusion that decreased spinal mobility (decreased global and therefore segmental mobility) predisposes to increased spinal injury. Felton JS, O’Conell ER. Muscular performance test results and back injuries. In: Cerquiglinis Venerando A, Wartenweiler J, Editors: Biomechanics III. Basel-Karger 1973: 50-55.

For all law enforcement officers, firefighters, lifeguards, EMT’s, deputy marshals, this Chiropractic care will give you increased capabilities, decrease pain and you will be happy you are under Chiropractic care.  So call Dr. Elaine McNally, DC today at 334-514-7600 for an appointment.