What are the symptoms of whiplash?

  • Headache, due to neck problems, are called cervicogenic (neck-related) headache. It may be due to injury to an upper cervical disc, facet joint, or the upper 2 vertebral joints (atlanto-occipital or atlanto-axial). Cervicogenic headache can also make migraines worse.

  • Arm pain and heaviness may be due to nerve compression caused by a herniated disc. More commonly, arm pain is “referred” from other tissues of the neck. “Referred pain” is pain that is felt at an area remote from the injury, and may not due to pressure on a nerve.

  • Pain between the shoulder blades is usually a type of referred pain.

  • Low back pain is occasionally seen and is quite common after whiplash and may be due to injury to the discs, facet joints of the low back or sacroiliac joints.

  • Difficulties with concentration or memory can be due to pain itself, medications you are taking for the pain, depression or mild brain injury. You might also experience irritability and depression.

  • Sleep disturbance can be due to pain or depression.

  • Other symptoms might include blurry vision, ringing in the ears, tingling in the face or arms, and fatigue.

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