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It may be because of Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency is associated with sleep disorders that include anxiety, hyperactivity and restlessness. Magnesium is vital for an inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA, known to “calm” the brain and promote relaxation. Taking around 400mg of magnesium before bed with dinner will help with insomnia. It is the best time of day to take the supplement because when it comes to bedtime, it will already be in your system working. Add spinach, a very magnesium rich food, helps.

Migraine headaches can be because of Magnesium deficiency. The reason is that magnesium has an important role of balancing neurotransmitters in the brain.  One double-blind placebo-controlled study revealed 360 – 600mg of magnesium a day reduced the frequency of migraine headaches 42%.

Magnesium deficiency affects the central nervous system, and like I said before GABA cycle. When your GABA cycle is affected you will find that you are more irritable and nervous. Research has shown that the worse the deficiency the high levels of anxiety and in more severe cases depression and hallucinations. Magnesium is needed for every cell function from the gut to the brain, so it is no wonder that it affects so many systems.

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