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I want you to stand on one leg and lean over. Now hold that position and think about all the parts of your body that are telling you that it bothers them. You may feel it in your ankle, in the way the leg bone feels having the extra weight, in the hip joint, and even in the side that you are leaning towards. You may even feel it is the Si joint on the other side and on up the back depending on what condition you are in. 

In the same way that just standing on one foot affects your whole body, so does a crooked back. It doesn’t take much to lock up the joints, aggravate the muscles with the extra work that they are doing for balance when some of them are just made for movement. Incorporating movement muscles for balance can not be done long term without they starting to cry out in pain. They are just not made for long term jobs. 

In the joints that are out of position, degeneration starts with the disc space slowly losing fluid. Disc get their fluid through movement and not any blood supply. When joints are locked up the nutrients and fluid are decreased causing the disc to collapse slowly like a tire with a slow leak. As the fluid leaks out, the nutrients inside get concentrated and start to crystallize alone the sides of the bones above and below. and that is called arthritis or degenerative joint disease. Some bulging discs can be from this loss of motion and loss of fluid retention.. Restore the motion to the joint, can go a long ways to restoring the disc health and joint health.

For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is true in the spine. If you are crooked, the joints are going to be affected and the muscles in a equal but opposite sides of the problem. 

For the health of your spine it is critical that you get the aches and pains looked at by your local Chiropractor. You can feel years younger with all your joints up and working properly.