Have you ever experienced pain on the side of your face. There is a nerve called the trigeminal nerve that branches out to the temple the sinus cavities and the lower jaw. trigeminal nerve


The trigeminal nerve has both sensory and motor activities. The motor root is activated when you clench your teeth. The sensory function is often checked by the doctor by using either a cotton or a pin over the face.

The facial muscles of expression if not functioning correctly will leave you with a droopy look on one side. . IT can be diagnosed as Bell’s Palsy. Inflamation of the nerve can be one of the reasons for the impingement. 

Turn your head to the right and left then up and down to see it you have all your range of motion in the cervical joints. If you find that you can not look over a shoulder, so much so that you have a large blind side if driving, it is necessary that you come and be evaluated and treated.