A lot of pain is caused by inflammation. I have patients come into my office with hands clutching this saying, this is the best ever. Inflammation – http://astore.amazon.com/energizingyourlife-20/detail/B000NI70NE

Energizing Life

When you consider just how important sleep is to good health, to go without being able to sleep because of pain will cripple your world, your physical being, mental health, and emotional state. It might surprise you to know that sleep posture is not taught as having any influence on one’s health. As a Chiropractor I have been taught the proper biomechanics when it comes to standing, sitting, and lifting but there is only a few comments thrown around about sleep posture. What happens to the body when you lie down to sleep in the horizontal position?

Most people are sleeping about 35% less than they use to. Research has shown than more than 100 million people in America are having trouble sleeping. 70% of those are suffering from pain related sleeplessness. 22% are suffering from some kind of chronic insomnia that they are taking or consider taking some kind…

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