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It is not often that I make a recommendation, but the information that can be found here is amazingly good.

Allergies are just one sign that you have an inflammatory condition. There are many indications, here are just a few from dizziness, headaches and even confusion. If your brain is inflamed it will be confused. If the blood vessels are inflamed then you can be confused. You can even have an inflamed heart, where the pulse is weak, there is a pain in the chest, and you faint. Remember inflammation is an allergic reaction. It can cause you chest to tighten, your throat to itch and your bronchi in your lungs to swell making it difficult to breath. If it is in your digestive tract, then you will experience nausea, stomach pains, difficulty with digestion, and constipation or diarrhea. Of course, many of you are familiar with the hayfever allergies that come with the season, the allergic reaction to medications and food that bring on skin rashes, itching and swellings or hives.

All these are just indications that your body is over responding. Returning your body to normal function is the key to good health. Our food supply has gotten so narrow in variety, in nutrients, that we need to look at what is working for those who think outside the box.