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Yes, cold weather brings pain to the joints, just like any change in the weather. The most accurate method of predicting storms is to see the increase of patients to our clinic. So why do some patients seem to be able to predict the coming rains based on their aches and pains? It is true, many people do feel back pain, neck pain or other joint complaints in conjunction with the approaching storms. Believe it or not, there is some validity to their weather forecasting abilities.

The reason has to do with the degree of inflammation that has accumulated in the area, whether we are aware of or not. Weather itself does not cause pain, but what they do is exacerbate the inflammation that is already there. That is why not everyone experiences pain when the storm comes in, or the barometric pressure drops.

Inflammation is one of the greatest reasons why the body does not respond to treatment. The more chronic the condition, the more likely there is wide-spread inflammation in the system.  One of the best nutritional treatments I have found to give very quick relief and decrease the amount of inflammation in the system is NutriWest TLM