People who suffer from migraines are twice as likely to be depressed and could easily also be suicidal especially people younger than 30 according to the Canadian researchers.  Routine screenings and interventions are needed for those migraine sufferers to preempt any depressed or suicidal thoughts. “We are not sure why younger migrainers have such a high likelihood of depression and suicidal idealization,” study co-author Meghan Schrumm, a former graduate student at the University of Toronto, said in a university news release.  “It may be that younger people with migraines have not yet managed to find adequate treatment or develop coping mechanisms to minimize pain and the impact of this chronic illness on the rest of their lives,” Schrumm suggested.

If that is the case for the their conclusions, may I offer an alternative. I know from personal experience how migraines can rule the I suffered from them and in some cases they were so severe that all I wanted to do was find a dark place, pull the blanket over my head, stop all noises, and wait til it was over.

The study, published online recently in the journal Depression Research and Treatment, involved more than 6,000 Canadians who said they had been diagnosed with migraines. The researchers compared them to a much larger group who did not report having migraines. As in previous studies, migraines were much more common among women, with one in every seven women reporting having migraines, compared with one in every 16 men.

Of study participants, more than 8 percent of men and 12 percent of women who experienced migraines also suffered from depression, compared to just above 3 percent of men and about 6 percent of women who did not have migraines.  Of course it is depressing to have headaches all the time. Especially if there seems to be no answers, and no results.

Younger people with migraines were much more likely than older patients to develop symptoms of depression. Women younger than 30 who suffered from migraines had six times the odds of being depressed than adults aged 65 and older. Migraine sufferers who were single or had trouble with daily activities were also at increased risk for depression.

Men and women with migraines were also much more likely than those without the headaches to have seriously considered committing suicide. Although nearly 16 percent of men and 18 percent of women with migraines said they thought about taking their own life, about 8 percent of men and 9 percent of women who didn’t have migraines said the same.  With statistics like these, and I was one of them, except I found an answer, which is why I am a Chiropractor today. It was like it was one of the best kept secrets in the medical profession. I have been migraine free ever since coming under Chiropractic care. From my practice, I will admit that not all cases is spinal dysfunction the reason. There are many cases of medication, allergies, viruses, blood disorders and other reasons why there is a pain in the brain.

So if you are one of the millions of people who is suffering under migraines and headaches and have yet to try and see if Chiropractic can help. Please feel free to call me. From experience both as a former migraine patient and as a practicing Chiropractor who has handled thousands of cases in my twenty year practice, I just might be able to take care of you like no medication could or has ever helped you.