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Low level Laser Therapy is also called Cold Laser Therapy. It is a form of phototherapy using low power coherent light on injuries and lesions to stimulate healing. What the cold laser therapy is used to increase the speed, quality, and strength of the fibers in tissue repair. This is a relatively new therapy that is changing the way that the medical field is looking at handling chronic injuries, pain management, neurological impairment, and facilitating the healing process of these conditions.

The effects of the Low Level Laser Therapy is in the fact that it is not in the thermal range, but in the photochemical. As you know every color has its frequency level which is why it is known as a photochemical therapy. In the medical world, you may have heard of the use of hot lasers used in surgical precision work. It is somewhat confusing with the variety of lasers used in today’s many fields. But the biggest distinction is in the difference between that which cuts and that which heals.

During the treatment of the tissue where the cold laser is being applied, the photons from the laser and the cells being affected. What happens is that the laser photons enter into the tissue, altering the cell membrane permeability, and the light is then absorbed into the mitochondria. The mitochondria is known as the power supply house of the cell, and it is where ATP [energy] is made. Light increases the amount of ATP made in the area which helps with rapid cell growth and reproduction. It will increase the speed of wound healing by stimulating the fibroblast development in damaged tissues. This causes a reduction in the recovery time. The metabolic activity within the cell is increased by helping the body to increase the output of specific enzymes. Even oxygen in the blood cells is stimulated and that increases the effectiveness of the immune responses. All adhesions, fibrous tissue formation, scars, are reduced whether they are recently formed or old scars. The laser even works on bruising or inflammation of joints with its anti-inflammatory properties. With the stimulation of the lymph and circulation system, the are surrounding injury is cleansed of unwanted matter and fluids. Even the nerve function is influenced with stimulation to reconnect the numb areas with live endings. All these changes change the majority of cells like macrophages, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, mast cells, nerve conduction rate, energy communication pathways by transferred kinetic energy and activating enzymes.

Research has shown that the cells of your body actively communicate with each other through light. By using laser light this communication causes physiological responses in the cells involved. This is extremely important when working towards healing tissues of injured area and promote general healing of a variety of conditions.

When you injury yourself the metabolism of the injured area decreases and the laser actually will increase the metabolism immediately. The common response from doctors and patients is WOW!!!

When used in conjunction with acupuncture points stimulation the improvement affects the whole well being of the patient. Our office offers this low laser therapy in treating a variety of conditions. If you would like to give this a try, give us a call for a free consultation to see if this is a good fit for your condition. We have found that when the laser is applied with Chiropractic care, the results achieved is enhanced. This therapy is very effective and safe for children.