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Pain comes in a wide variety of forms, including aches, soreness, tenderness, throbbing, burning, stabbing and other descriptions that a patient uses to try and describe the sensations that they are experiencing.  It is the most common symptom that sends a patient to the office seeking relief.

The acute pain is an unpleasant experience that is primarily associated with a recent injury.  The details that the patient gives when describing the circumstances that caused the injury and the place and type of pain they are having to their doctor goes a long way towards a proper diagnosis . In taking the history, your doctor will try to learn the chronology, nature, aggravating and alleviating factors that influence the pain.

When pain becomes chronic, the accumulation of factors have now increase with many added influences like anxiety, depression, social, economic and medication. Because of the psychic or emotional factors influence the pain threshold, so also will they influence the speed of healing.

I have found that there are two major factors in the healing process. It often has to do with the type of people they are. If a person is an “A” type of person, they are more apt to  being worriers, over self analyzing, and have troubles relaxing. If a person is a “B” type of person, they are more apt to let troubles be, looking forward, and are more relaxed about what life throws their way.  Everyone is more or less of both types. The healing response is normally faster for the “B” type of person.

Inflammation is one of the greatest reasons why the body does not respond to treatment. The more chronic the condition, the more likely there is wide spread inflammation in the system.  One of the best nutritional treatments I have found to give very quick relief and decrease the amount of inflammation in the system is NutriWest TLM