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I consider my practice guidelines valid, because when followed they lead to the expected outcomes in the improvement of health, so much so, that my patients keep coming back with any condition first, recommend their friends and family, and the great progressive prognosis in most cases is its own validation. My patient and I work together to assess the impact of the treatment in order to determine the validity of the care given. The care given for certain conditions, that I find to be reliable and reproduceable given the same methods for the same or similar conditions has served my well in over twenty years of practice.

I make an assessment of each case based on several factors. One of them is the type of person they are. There are two types of people, which I will call my “A types” and “B types”. The A types of people are those who remain stressed and worry about everything. They can’t seem to “go with the flow”, relax, let go etc. These people often exhibit a lot of tension headaches, tension between the shoulders, and low back pain. They do not come in from an acute injury but rather from a constant pain that they have been experiencing for months or even years. The seond type of people are what I call the “B type” of people. They are more laid back and relaxed about what life throws their way. It is an acute injury that brings them into the office. They respond faster, as their body is more receptive to the treatment.

Every patient is unique, and while complaining of what seems to be the same condition, there can be organ distresses involved, nutritional imbalances, besides the joint malfunction, nerve involvement and muscle spasms. Thus it is important to me to have a thorough working knowledge and understanding as what is the original reason for the condition, the secondary body reflex responses, and the overall biomechanical balances of skeletal structure that houses the wiring of the human body.

The spine is like the breaker box where all the wiring for the house [your body] comes from. Have you ever had the lights in your home grow dim or stop working and you know it is not the bulb itself? So what do you do but go to the breaker box to see if any of the throws are off. Even if you do not find any throw in the off position, you may still go ahead and throw that switch off and then back on, and discover that it worked to get the lights back working again. So it is with the spine which houses all the wiring to all your body’s muscles, organs, etc, decreased amound of nerve communication, decreases the proper signals that the body needs to function prperly.  That is why we can treat some cases  of headaches, asthma, etc. If it has innervation, all areas where interference with its nerve conduction can occur needs to be checked.

That is why I recommend seeing a Chiropractor, because medication or surgery may not be the most conservative answer to your condition.