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Quantum therapy device for chiropractic. Cold Laser Equipment 110v-220v. LLLT – Buy – Quantum therapy device for chiropractic. Cold Laser Equipment 110v-220v. LLLT

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Chiropractic is very effective

Many people do not realize just how effective Chiropractic can be. It is one of the best kept secrets in the medical field.

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A 2011 prospective, multicenter, cohort study of upper cervical chiropractic care for neck pain, headache, mid-back, and low back pain. Results of the study found a mean score of 9.1 out of 10, indicating a very high level of patient satisfaction (Eriksen et al., 2011)

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Laser therapy has come to Wetumpka


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Dr. Pershing and Dr. McNally, DC now offers cold laser therapy services for all patients. As a premier chiropractor in Wetumpka, Dr. Pershing is proud to add this technique to her facility’s many services. Cold Laser Therapy is a form of pain-management, which utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue. The levels of interaction are adjusted by presiding chiropractors and help target any pain, swelling or abnormalities within the tissue. This service is also known as Low-Level Laser Theray (LLLT), and continues to help patients deal with pain and other mobility issues.

Cold Laser Therapy helps expedite the healing process for patients. This includes sports injuries, along with stretched ligaments or torn tendons. The technique also helps in muscle recovery due to sprains, wrenches, or other extensive problems. Chiropractic can easily rectify or correct muscle tissues problems or issues. This world-renowned technique has been heralded for securing timely results for a range of chiropractic and back issues.

Dr. Pershing and Dr. McNally, Dc are proud to serve the Wetumpka, Alabama area with the best in cold laser therapies and techniques. The clinic is committed to helping patients regain their mobility and lives, and handle all types of pain-related problems and issues. For patients that are tired of dealing with recurring pain, now is the right time to get “Back in Line” with proven and dedicated relief services. Simply contact the clinic today to schedule an appointment.

Cold laser or low-level laser therapy


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These terms refer to treatment using irradiation with light of low power intensity so that the effects produce a response to light and not due to heat. Many terms are used to commonly describe this process but do not ideally reflect the mechanisms involved with the treatment used in our office. They do not adequately distinguish the therapy from to other laser based therapies that rely on hating tissue to achieve an effect.

Photobiomodulation therapy is the the laser therapy we use. It is a form of light therapy based on the photochemical process called photobiomodulation therapy. In this therapy, the light source is in or near contact with the skin, and light energy penetrates the skin reaching the mitochondria of the damaged or diseased tissue leading to stimulation. This process results in beneficial therapeutic outcomes like the alleviation of pain, the regulation of inflammation, immune assisting response, and the promotion of tissue regeneration and the speed of healing.

Every eukaryotic cell in an animal’s body has one or many thousand cellular power plants called the mitochondrion. These mitochondria are responsible for providing most of the required ATP for cells. ATP is the chemical responsible for energy release within cells that drives a multitude of cellular and physiological functions including those directly related to injury repair and pain relief.
When a cell is damaged through injury or trauma, the mitochondrion, figuratively speaking, curls up like a hedgehog. Once this happens, the production of ATP is drastically reduced, or even ceased. As a result, the rate of healing slows dramatically. Cells exposed to infra-red light (Low Level Laser Therapy) at the right frequency, causes the mitochondrion to spring into action almost immediately producing increased amounts of ADP. The ADP then links with free oxygen singlets to produce ATP. Again, infra-red light increases the production of ATP in damaged or resting mitochondria.

Laser Therapy is the application of red light and near infrared radiation over injuries or lesions to stimulate healing and relieve pain without sensation or side effects. It is popularly used for the treatment of sports injuries, several different chronic pain syndromes and non-healing wounds such as venous and diabetic ulcers. Many new applications for this treatment are being used and investigated including smoking cessation, weight loss, addiction therapy, nerve regeneration for spinal cord injuries, and muscle atrophy for astronauts on long term space missions. The term adopted by NASA and U.S. military scientists is Photobiomodulation. Effectiveness of Laser Therapy depends on the color of the light (wavelength), intensity, and total energy delivered.

Migraine treatments


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Migraine occurs in about 15% of the general population. Migraine is usually managed by medication, but some patients do not tolerate migraine medication due to side effects or prefer to avoid medication for other reasons. Non-pharmacological management is an alternative treatment option. We systematically reviewed randomized clinical trials (RCTs) on manual therapies for migraine. The RCTs suggest that massage therapy, physiotherapy, relaxation and chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy might be equally effective as propranolol and topiramate in the prophylactic management of migraine. However, the evaluated RCTs had many methodological shortcomings.

95% of patients rated Chiropractic care “Excellent”


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A health care facility (Jordan Hospital) implemented a multidimensional spine care pathway (SCP) using the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Back Pain Recognition Program (BPRP) as its foundation. The findings for 518 consecutive patients were included. One hundred sixteen patients were seen once and triaged to specialty care; 7% of patients received magnetic resonance imagings. Four hundred thirty-two patients (83%) were classified and treated by doctors of chiropractic and/or physical therapists. Results for the patients treated by doctors of chiropractic were mean of 5.2 visits, mean cost per case of $302, mean intake pain rating score of 6.2 of 10, and mean discharge score of 1.9 of 10; 95% of patients rated their care as “excellent.

The safety of Cervical adjusting


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No one pays closer attention to injury statistics than Malpractice Insurance carriers.

Scott Haldeman, MD, DC reviewed malpractice claims records for a 10-year period between 1988 and 1997. In reviewing the outcomes following the application of 134.5 million cervical manipulations (commonly referred to as the chiropractic adjustment), the records indicated that there were 23 reported cases of stroke or vertebral artery dissection (VAD).

Of this group, 10 of the patients had the complicating factors of high blood pressure, use of oral contraceptives, or a history of smoking, all of which are associated with vascular disease. The actual incidence of stroke or VAD following cervical manipulation was found to be one per 5.85 million cervical adjustments. That means that the average chiropractor could work for 1430 years (or practice 48 full chiropractic careers!) before they might be involved with this type of litigation.

Other reports, listing a higher frequency of adverse events, have been compromised by the tendency of those authors to inappropriately list the pracitioner as a chiropractor, even when it turned out that the injury was caused by a medical doctor, a physical therapist or a hairdresser!

Headaches are not something you have to live with.


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Evidence suggests that chiropractic care, including spinal manipulation, improves migraine and cervicogenic headaches. The type, frequency, dosage, and duration of treatment(s) should be based on guideline recommendations, clinical experience, and findings. Evidence for the use of spinal manipulation as an isolated intervention for patients with tension-type headache remains equivocal.

Body in alignment is a happy body


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In order to experience good health to the maximum, the body must be in proper alignment. Our operating system is a network of nerves that control everything that we do. A group of nerves located in the lumbar region are responsible for bowel and urinary control, and sexual function. If anything upsets the lumbar nerves, […]

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